A significant portion of our research focuses on understanding what happens when open textbooks and open educational resources are used in K-12 and college courses in place of traditional textbooks. Specifically, we apply our COUP research framework to study the Cost savings, gains in learning Outcomes, patterns of Use, and teacher and learner Perceptions of open textbooks and other OER in order to understand their practical impact on student learning and the broader education system.

Utah Open Textbooks (UTOT) Project

The Open Education Group has been supporting open textbook projects in Utah high schools since 2010. This work is funded by the Hewlett Foundation, builds on textbooks originally created by the CK-12 Foundation, and is now carried out in partnership with the Utah State Office of Education and Lumen Learning.

UTOT is rolling out statewide! Here are the freely downloadable science texts for grades 7-12 for academic 2013-2014:

To purchase hard copies of these texts, please visit the links below:

Past Years: 2012-2013

In academic 2012-2013, over 3,000 high school science students in our partner schools are using open textbooks for earth systems, biology, and chemistry. You can download the PDFs of this year’s textbooks below.

Many students use the printed version of these books, which this year were printed and delivered to schools at a cost just below $5 per book through CreateSpace, the Amazon print on demand service. Students with digital devices use the digital versions for free. We’re still analyzing last year’s outcomes data, but here’s a preview: students using open textbooks outperformed their peers using traditional textbook on state standardized tests.