by david on July 9, 2010

Neeru Training Participating Teachers

Neeru Khosla, CK-12 Executive Director, trains participating teachers.

On July 8-9, 2010, we held the first teacher training sessions for the project. Neeru Khosla and other members of the CK-12 team came to the BYU campus for the two days. David Wiley of BYU opened the training by teaching about open educational resources, what they are, what they allow us to do, and why they’re important, and provided an overview of the project. Tiffany Hall (also of BYU) provided training on active learning strategies that can be employed with textbooks. Neeru Khosla and her team then provided nuts-and-bolts training on the CK-12 system. Teachers spent the second day digging into the CK-12 books and beginning the adaptation process, with CK-12 folks on hand to provide support when we ran into technical issues.

Group Photo

Some of the CK-12 staff, BYU staff, and participating teachers pause for a group photo.

Overall, the first training was a great success. Everyone left energized about the project, empowered by the idea of actually being in control of their textbook, and with a good understanding of the CK-12 system.

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