About the Open Education Group

The Open Education Group is an interdisciplinary group of people based at Brigham Young University who are passionate about improving education and a stellar group of partners that are helping us get it done. Want to work with us? Contact David Wiley.

Primary Researchers

fischer hilton wiley
Lane Fischer John Hilton III David Wiley


Current Students

Bob Bodily, Troy Martin, DeLaina Tonks, Olga Belikov, Tarah Ikahihifo, and Yao Xiong (Penn State University)


TJ Bliss, Shelley Ellington, Seth Gurell, Justin Johansen, Mary McEwen, Ben Puente, Jared Robinson, Mary Stevens

Current and Past Funders

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, HASTAC, The David O. McKay School of Education

Current and Past Partners

Lumen Learning, CK-12 Foundation, Mountain Heights Academy, Cerritos College Foundation